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    In Nick Cannon’s Words: Uncovering Kanye’s Cry for Help and Concern

    Nick Cannon is uncovering Kanye’s cry for help! In his own words, Cannon is explains his concern for the “Stronger” rapper. Ye made headlines for a series of antisemitic comments, among other things. His Twitter and Instagram accounts got suspended multiple times due to his behavior. His relationship with Adidas is also severed as a consequence. Nick Cannon revealed that he reached out to Ye back in 2022 to try to help him understand how his words could be taken in such a sensitive manner but never got a response.

    Nick Cannon Talks About Kanye: Uncovering Kanye’s Cry For Help and Concern

    Cannon was speaking on the September 1 episode of his Cannon’s Class podcast when he started to discuss Kanye’s current state. The two unpacked multiple topics, including Ye’s stance on abortion. They also discussed his new relationship with Drake and how the Trump administration affects the music industry.
    The conversation got very emotional when the topic of Kanye’s mental health was brought up. According to the podcast host, the rapper is currently “very sick.” He added that Ye has had several psychiatric episodes in the last three years. He wants to be put into a facility for longer-term care in order to recover fully.
    During the podcast, Ye also opened up about his infamous Taylor Swift VMAs performance. He admitted that he had a panic attack while onstage and that he had to be sedated afterwards. The 45-year-old also believes that his behavior stems from his meds for his bipolar disorder.

    Nick Cannon talks Kanye’s mental health

    The rapper also addressed his new political career and how he has been able to bring people together through his movement Sunday Service. He explained that he wanted to bring the spirit of Jesus Christ back into the world and that he believes in “love, compassion, empathy.”
    Towards the end of the episode, Cannon began to wonder whether or not Ye will run for president in 2024. He expressed that he hopes the “Birthday Party” banner he is running under will not prevent him from making another attempt at the White House. He concluded the interview by saying that he still supports Ye and hopes that the couple can reconcile in the future. It will be fun to see how the pair will balance their children’s schedules if they do decide to reunite. For now, they are co-parenting North, Saint, Chicago, and Psalm. Check out the full episode of Cannon’s podcast below. For more exclusive celebrity news, follow Us Weekly on Facebook.

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