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    Here are 5 Ways Everyone’s Broke Their Cell Phones

    Authors: Hypefresh Staff.

    Did You Know? Americans break $10.7 Billion dollars worth of cellular devices EVERY year? 

    Cell Phones. One can’t simply live without em’ nowadays. And too often do these mini-computers-aka-investments get destroyed by our own clumsy doings. For as much as they cost, why do they break so damn easily!? One wrong twitch and you can kiss your screen goodbye.

    Yes, cases help. Of course – waterproofing saves the day. But unless “break”-proofing reveals soon, plenty more smartphones will perish daily.

    We’ve narrowed down a list of five tech deaths everyone’s pocket-buddy has experienced at least once. If you can’t handle seeing money flushed down the drain, skip this article for your nerves’ sake.

    1. The “Rage” Death

    This happens when anger suddenly takes control of your body and your poor ol’ phone just happens to be within proximity. This is mostly caused from bad phone conversations or getting your ass whooped in Madden or NBA 2K.

    2. The “Break-Up” Death

    It may seem to be a play on words, but it’s not. When your soon to be ex-girl/boyfriend gets that bad news – they commonly go for your cell phone to release stress. Mostly caused by their suspicion that your Cousin who normally calls late is your new lover.

    3. The “Back Pocket” Death

    No my friend, that crunch you felt on your ass wasn’t a bag of Ruffles. It was your got-damn phone. Mostly caused because you forgot it was there.

    Yeah… we know – it happens.

    4. The “Why you push me in the pool!” Death

    Sometimes friends play too DAMN much! They figured your new Championship Tom Brady jersey would look nice submerged in water because they’re Seattle fans. This happens to guys, but more so for the ladies. Waterproofing is relatively new, so most phones aren’t caught up to speed with this protection.

    5. The “You Dropped My Phone” Death

    The most historical death of the cell phone to date. It was that time you wanted to play a video for a friend, but you gave him the honors to hold it while watching. In the midst of the hand to hand transfer – slip, whoopsie, crackkkkkk! happens.

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