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    Has Dallas Cowboys Dak Prescott Legacy Surpassed Tony Romo’s?

    Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott ran up the score on the Philadelphia Eagles this past weekend, 51-26. As Prescott walked to the sideline after throwing his fourth-quarter touchdown pass, the Cowboys’ coaching staff continued to congratulate him. Prescott wasn’t aware of the reason they were celebrating. 

    “I thought they were saying congrats for five touchdowns, to be honest,” Prescott said.

    He didn’t realize that he’d broken the single-season passing touchdown record for the Dallas Cowboys. The record was previously owned, by former Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo. In 2007, he threw 36 touchdowns, and with the touchdown pass to Corey Clement, it cemented a new record in Cowboys history. 

    “I just think it’s a helluva year for a guy that was in a slump,” coach Mike McCarthy deadpanned. “Dak’s special. He’s a special man. He’s a tremendous leader. Hopefully, he’ll get some recognition for how he plays the game on the field. He’s so consistent in his approach. What’s exciting is we have a lot of growth in front of us and him in particular, too. He’s still a young quarterback that has a lot of excellent football in front of him.”

    Is Dak Prescott’s slump officially over?

    From week 13 to week 15, Prescott struggled to put points on the scoreboard. In those three weeks, he only accounted for three touchdown passes and three interceptions. Although the Cowboys won all those games it wasn’t pretty by any means. This only goes to show how truly talented the Cowboys roster really is. Even without exceptional play from their star quarterback, they still manage to find ways to win ball games. 

    Prescott didn’t have the benefit of playing 17 games this season due to a calf strain. Throwing 37 touchdowns in 16 regular-season games is very impressive. For the second time in three games, Prescott threw four touchdown passes in the first half. He showed a similar display against the Washington Football Team. Philadelphia wasn’t the only team in the division to get embarrassed, Prescott laid the beating to the Washington Football Team, 56-14.

    “I mean, if I wasn’t in [a slump], I guess I could’ve done it a while back,” Prescott said. “But, yeah, I mean it’s pretty cool. It’s pretty cool to get a record like that. I mean obviously knowing who’s come before me and who played the position here before me. I’m just the beneficiary of a lot of hard work, playcalling, offensive line protecting, and a bunch of different guys making plays.”

    The Dallas Cowboys’ focus going forward

    The Cowboys finished the season 12-5 and went undefeated throughout the entire NFC East. They finished as the third seed overall and are set to take on the San Francisco 49ers this upcoming Sunday. Regardless, they know that they’ll play at least one home game throughout their playoff run. Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy wants to keep everyone focused on the main goal: a championship win.

    “They’re nice records,” McCarthy said. “I think those are things when you sit down at the end of the journey you look back and say, ‘Boy, that was a helluva year,’ and you look at those moments. But we view this as the starting line. We’ve put ourselves in a position. Our goal is to always be in the tournament, so we’ll see exactly where we end up come [Sunday night], and most importantly, it’s difficult to get in this spot. It’s difficult to win 12 games. But most importantly is we take advantage of this opportunity.”


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