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    Harvey Weinstein & His Lawyers Are Dirty Motherfuckers!

    Harvey Weinstein’s lawyers are trying their hardest to remove all charges. The last we checked the number is at 80 alleged victims. So no defense!

    According to sources, Weinstein is arguing that she couldn’t have been raped the same day that she attended a movie premiere.

    Harvey Weinstein-1

    As you can see, Weinstein’s defense attorneys are trying their best to find a defense. They are calling it “quite startling new information.”And because of it comes as a surprise, they are asking to have the charges dropped. But, it doesn’t matter because he still is facing five other criminal charges related to sexual assault.  This could mean life in prison. Nice try, but it’s probably too late!

    What do you all think? Should Weinstein accusation be taken into consideration?


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