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    Georgia’s Governor Brian Kemp Plans to Reopen Many Businesses

    Governor Brian Kemp is Reopening Businesses Soon

    Georgia’s Governor Brian Kemp recently announced that several businesses would be opening this upcoming week. That includes movie theaters and dining in at restaurants being able to resume action on April 24th. Along with this other business including gyms, hair salons and barbers, bowling alleys, and others will be able to reopen this Friday, April 27th.

    As of now, places for entertainment such as bars, nightclubs, sports stadiums, and other venues are still closed. Even with entertainment venues not reopening I really don’t believe this is the best call.

    It Is Too Early to Reopen Businesses

    I am no expert but I really don’t know how wise of a call it is to reopen so many businesses already. The US currently leads the world in the number of coronavirus cases. Although things will hopefully improve soon, for now, it seems like maintaining social distancing would be a good call.


    I can definitely see where Georgia’s Governor Brian Kemp is coming from by doing this. It really is quite unfortunate to see how the pandemic has put financial burdens on people. The possibility of reopening certain essential business isn’t the craziest thing, but to go ahead and start allowing for so many businesses to resume action isn’t safe.

    A main focus in fighting the spread of the virus at the moment has been by practicing social distancing. Yet it would seem that several of the businesses that Kemp is allowing to resume practice deal with quite a lot of close contact, such as gyms, hair salons, and movie theatres.

    Final Thoughts

    It’s hard to say what the best thing is to do in a situation like this. Providing people with a source of income is hugely important. But fighting this disease is essential. This is a global event at the moment, so it doesn’t seem wise to jump the gun by reopening businesses too early and allowing for the virus to spread even more.

    That would simply just be putting to waste much of the work that has already been done. Whereas I believe that it could be a better call to wait until things get more under control with coronavirus.

    How do you guys feel about Georgia’s Governor Brian Kemp deciding to reopen restaurants and other businesses?

    Do you think it’s a good call to help out with the economy/ people struggling for income? Or do you believe it’s too risky and early to be reopening several businesses?

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