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    Garth Brooks’ No Phone Policy at Las Vegas Residency: Enjoy the Music Uninterrupted

    Garth Brooks’ no phone policy at the Las Vegas residency aims to help fans enjoy the music uninterrupted. Fans that have tickets to see the country music icon will have to leave their smartphones behind. To ensure a quality show for fans, Ticketmaster and Caesars Palace partnered with Yondr. The phone-free security service requires concertgoers to lock their devices in special cases. The cases will automatically unlock at the end of the performance.

    Garth Brooks’ No Phone Policy at Las Vegas Residency

    The “Plus One” shows are scheduled to begin May 18 in the Colosseum at Caesars Palace and continue through mid-December. The concerts will be backed by wife Trisha Yearwood, who will also play the opening act on a few of the dates.

    In addition to his live shows, Brooks released many new albums since returning to the touring circuit in 2009. Including his latest record, The Anthology Part II. The new release picks up where the first Anthology left off, with a detailed account of the singer’s early career years.

    Aside from his countless hit singles, the country superstar dedicates himself to his charity work and his fans. His kindness and philanthropy touches the lives of many people around the world.

    Enjoy the Music Uninterrupted

    With a total of 26 No. 1 hits, it’s no wonder why the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award winner is one of America’s most loved entertainers. The country legend is also active in the LGBTQ community and as a leader in the fight against domestic violence. In addition, Brooks penned the hit song “Good Ride Cowboy,” in 2000 as a tribute to his friend and fellow country artist Chris LeDoux, who battled liver cancer.

    Despite his deep roots in the country genre, Garth Brooks has always been a music pioneer. He isn’t afraid to try something new or tap into different musical influences. It has led to one of the most celebrated careers in music history!

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