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    Fearless woman swims with over 20 sharks to conquer her fear.

    Muthi Annuriy from Indonesia is only 29 years old. During her visit to the Maldives last October, she faced one of her childhood fears: swimming with over 20 sharks. In this gut-wrenching video, Muthi lies supine as several nurse sharks swim around her. She even dives deeper under the swarm with no problem at all. What a great example of conquering fears and trying new things!

    Swimming with sharks in the Maldives is essentially a safe activity. Maldives shark incidents are rarely reported, and there have been no recorded deadly shark attacks from the islands. Nurse sharks, the species Muthi Annuriy swam with, occur atolls around Vaavu Atoll in the Maldives but are not generally considered dangerous to humans. Remember, sharks are wild animals; therefore, dealing with them needs caution.

    The more iconic sharks that one might encounter while in the Maldives include whale sharks, blacktip reef sharks, grey reef sharks, tiger sharks, leopard sharks, and scalloped hammerhead sharks.

    Shark diving and snorkeling are common in various parts of the Maldives. Most of the shark feeding sessions and feeding activities conducted by most of the resorts for manta rays take place in the evening hours. Diving with sharks at night is also possible, specifically nurse sharks that seem to come out in darkness.

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