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    Farruko Makes A Turn In His Reggaeton Career, Becomes A Christian

    Carlos Efren Reyes Rosado, better known globally as Farruko, found it necessary to show a whole new transformation. He’s been very vocal about it all across social media. Including sharing a song called “Incompleto” which means incomplete. The track describes how he feels and how God is redirecting his life.

    The 32-year-old artist expressed how God changed him, and the way he can now smile at life while on this new journey. Now that God has a hold on him, Farruko explained that he is working to better himself and how God is the only one who can “restore us”. Although Farruko believes no one will understand him right away, they will in the future.

    Apologized For His Music

    In this turn of events, last Saturday while proclaiming his newfound faith, singer Farruko apologized for this music stating “I did not know the message that I was saying in my songs. I am not proud of that.”

    During his concert, last Saturday in Miami, the Puerto Rican artist made a surprising preaching session. Furthermore, one of his biggest hits “Pepas” was played during the concert but he did not sing the lyrics. This is a song about drug usage and having fun with it during late nights at parties.

    “God knows how many of your children I have hurt. And today I stop like a man to tell them to forgive me as a human being because love begins with forgiveness”, the artist said, according to a leaked video from music impresario José “Pompi” Vallejo of Mr & Mrs. Entertainment.

    Praise from Ex- Reguetoneros

    Although Farruko received his fair share of backlash from concertgoers, musicians who left the industry and work with church applauded Farruko for his big move. Known reguetoneros “Hector El Father” and “Julio Voltio” are two men who shared a similar life to that of Farruko. They used to marvel in a life of luxury and the same emptiness that dragged them within.

    “Hector El Father” who now goes by Hector Delgado heard about what the artist is going through and rejoiced from his decision. Not only that, Farruko’s revelation took Delgado back in time when he used to feel the same. He felt like he had to hide the reality of what he felt.

    “Like Farruko, with the fame and money he has and the things he has achieved, that’s how I felt too, with those gaps. It is a process…When I converted, many people did not believe in my conversion. It is normal and something that is also biblical, because it says that by their fruits you will know them. It is not a bad thing that people start to point out and see how Farruko is going to behave, as they did with me”, said Delgado.

    For now Farruko plans to finish his tours. Once his last concert is over and all his songs play, he decides to give his time to God in front of the audience.


    1. I LOVE IT!!! It is GREAT to see young people still MOVED byGOD!!! To GOD be the GLORY!!! I have NO Doubt that GOD will continue to BLESS YOU FARRUKO and USE You to draw people from All Nations into Him!! This is GREAT to hear!!! PRAYERS for you for the darts the enemy will sling because that is what the devil does.🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

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