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    Damn Avengers “End Game” Has Us Fucked Up!

    Marvel what is your end game here??

    Earlier today we got first look at what appears to be the final installment of Avengers. Since early April we all have been waiting for the trailer as it would help to answer so many question in the aftermath of “The Snap“.

    Thanos has completed what he has set out to do, and the surviving heroes have fallen as many love ones have been loss. It’s no secret as fans know that not everyone will be able to survive at the end of the movie.

    The official name for the Avengers 4 movie is “Endgame“. It sounds like earth’s mightiest heroes are desperate to reverse what Thanos has done.

    Damn Avengers-1

    The Russo Brothers confirmed that certain characters role will not continue in the “Marvel-universe”.  Chris Evans has already let the cat out the bag, confirming on Twitter earlier this year that he appreciated the production team and time at Marvel Production.

    One thing that has constantly been mentioned is that the remaining members will explore time travel. In a glimpse of the trailer, we see the black widow reunited with a very disturbed looking Hawkeye.

    Our guess is that he may have loss his family from the infinity gauntlet, and ready for some revenge. Rumors have swirled around that he will turn into a familiar character from the original storyline named Ronin.

    With so much going on, we’re amped for the final saga of the Avengers, regardless if everyone dies. We’ll be waiting patiently on May 9th, 2019, for the official release of the beloved franchise.

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