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    Eminem Says Drugs Robbed Him Of His Rap Poweress

    Right now, several emcees are fighting to hold the top spot as the greatest rapper. The climb to the top is a long journey, though, especially after recovering from a drug overdose. Eminem is regarded by some as one of the greatest emcees ever. In his earlier career, however, he had a hard time securing his number one spot. The Music To Be Murdered By rapper revealed that his past struggles with drug addiction robbed him of his rap poweress.

                Drugs Stole Eminem’s Rap Poweress

    rap poweress
    via The Economic Times

    The road to recovery is a long and challenging process. Eminem suffered years of drug addiction. The rapper told the New York Post that he took his first Vicodin in his mid-20s, a time where he couldn’t afford real drugs. “I just took them whenever somebody gave them to me.” What at first started as an occasional relationship with drugs, soon turned to addiction. The moment Eminem’s career took off, he started abusing prescription drugs and sleeping pills. The 8 Mile rapper revealed that he used drugs as a “crutch” to calm his nerves. Of course, performing as a new artist in front of a large crowd is intimidating. However, stage fright can be treated in healthier ways.

    Eminem’s drug addiction only worsened in the following years. The most terrifying moment came when the rapper suffered a near-fatal drug overdose in 2007. His friends, especially his childhood pal, Proof, attempted to help the rapper get clean. Unfortunately, Eminem didn’t want help at the time. The rapper’s denial, however, only lead to the further decline of his rap poweress.

    Eminem told the New York Post that he could “hear” how high he was on his 2004 Encore and 2009 Relapse albums. The Lose Yourself rapper didn’t even recognize his own rap flow. Eminem described many of the songs off the albums as not “sounding like himself.” The drugs nearly stole his rap poweress.

                               Getting His Mojo Back

    rap poweress
    via The New York Times

    Clearly Eminem has been on a long journey to recovery. Before the release of his 2010 album Recovery, the rapper finally decided to get clean. However, he struggled with regaining his rap poweress. The drug use affected his talent so much so that he had to relearn how to rap.

    During an interview with SiriusXM, the rapper discussed his Music To Be Murdered By Side B song “Zeus”, where he famously called Snoop Dogg a literal dog. Furthermore, the rapper apologized to Rihanna for his leaked lyrics where he sided with Chris Brown’s physical assault on her. Eminem told SiriusXM he had “zero recollection” of rapping the verse. The emcee just used whatever phrases rhymed together to help teach himself how to rap again. While Eminem regained his rap poweress, he’s still remorseful over the leaked track.



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