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    Elite NFL Quarterbacks Set For Battle On The Field

    Philadelphia, PA — The NFL games for week 9 kicks off this afternoon at 1pm, but for the games most fans are looking forward to, those games have playoff implications, as well as questions that have long needed to be answered as it relates to just who is the greatest quarterback of All-time, Aaron Rodgers, or Tom Brady?

    It has been the discussion for so many years, so much so that even Tom Brady’s 5 Superbowl victories couldn’t put the argument to rest. Many analyst, such as Undisputed’s Shannon Sharp, a former SuperBowl Champion in his own right consider Rodgers the better quarterback.

    Most of the cases made for Rodgers in barbershops around the world, and on any sports show you can find, is Rodgers mobility in the pocket, and his ability to make difficult throws that Tom Brady can’t.

    In taking look at the numbers between these two, Brady has the edge in passing yards with 41,989 passing yards, 5th all-time, compared to 40, 456, placing Rodgers 7th in passing yards. However , Rodgers has recorded more passing touchdowns than Brady has. Rodgers has 325 passing touchdowns, to Brady’s 307. Brady ranks 4th, Rodgers 2nd in passing touchdowns.

    Nonetheless, they are both great, but to settle who’s best, what better way than to play it out on the field. With both QB’s numbers being so close, the argument will likely continue this season. The Patriots will host the Packers tonight on NBC, Sunday night football at 8:20m pm Eastern time.

    The Packers are currently (3-3), good enough for 3rd place in the NFC North, while the Patriots are at the top of their division in the AFC east at (6-2). In other action, the NFL’s only undefeated team, the Los Angeles Rams at (8-0), will take on the New Orlean Saints; one of the hottest team’s in the NFL right now. The Saints have won 6 straight games, and have a record of (6-1), giving the Saints the 3rd best record in the NFL behind the Chiefs and Rams.

    Both Drew Brees and Todd Gurley are both having career-type seasons. Earlier in the year Brees passed both Brett Favre and Payton Manning, as the NFL’s All-time passing leader with what was at the time 72,103 yards. Brees will enter Sunday’s game with 72,435 yards.

    Todd Gurley is also having a career season with the Rams.

    According to the NFL Gurley has become only the third running back in league history to generate 575 yards from scrimmage, and 7 touchdowns in the first four games of an NFL season. Both Gurley and Brees are both on the NFL top 10 Most Valuable Player candidates, according to Gurley is 7th on that list, Drew Brees is 5th.

    A lot has to be settled and answered this Sunday, from these two match-ups.


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