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    Durant Ain’t F*cking With Bron In LA!

    Kevin Durant has been one of the most scrutinized athletes in the media since joining “The Golden State Warriors”. The 2017-2018 NBA Finals MVP has been the target of conversation for the NBA season with his contract with Golden State set to expire.

    Despite Golden State being the dominant force in Golden State, there has been plenty of hostility aimed at Durant. Last month a fallout took place when miscommunication came over a possession which led to a game loss. Draymond Green and Kevin Durant verbal confrontation led to the news outlet amplifying the story.

    It seems as though Kevin Durant provides plenty of offensive firepowers, however his ability to get along well with other can be questionable. Plenty of individuals in the sports world believe that Kevin Durant will end up leaving The Warriors and possibly play with current rival LeBron James. For years the two have continued to argue who is the better elite player, that conversation will continue throughout the course of time.

    Durant decided to address the rumors and stories that he will be joining the Lakers come next season. He made it clear that the idea of playing with LeBron is something that will not happen. He went into further detail claiming that LeBron can be toxic because of all the attention he brings.

    Do you think it was a shot at LeBron? Or does Durant speak the truth??

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