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    Doja Cat Stops French Montana From Dropping His New Album

    It goes without saying that almost everything that Doja Cat touches, basically turns to gold. The 26-year-old has several hit songs, a slew of awards and apparently owns her own planet on Planet Her.

    Despite criticizing her own rap poweress, Doja Cat clearly knows what she’s doing. Not to mention, she makes a pretty hard case when it comes to getting what she wants. Recently, news hit that the Planet Her star plans to collaborate on a track with French Montana off his upcoming album “They Got Amnesia.” Though, she made it crystal clear that Montana won’t be dropping his new album anytime soon. At least, not until the music video’s completion.

    Doja Cat Stops Montana’s New Album Release On His Birthday

    New Album
    via Urban Islandz

    Doja Cat may have been in the music business for only a few years. Though, don’t underestimate her artistic vision. The quirky rapper clearly has become an expert at the best times to drop a new album. She even told French Montana, on his birthday of all days, not to drop his new album “They Got Amnesia” on November 12. That is until, they’d put the finish touches on their new music video.

    Recently, the two uploaded a video of themselves to Instagram, obviously on the set of their new music video. Doja Cat donned a peculiar ensemble with metallic elements, fake ammunition and a toy race car earring. Furthermore, Montana walks past the camera as Doja Cat makes it clear that his album will not be dropping this weekend. According to the “Kiss Me More” rapper, their music video needs to receive “the green light” first.

    In the video and in the captions, Montana let fans know that whatever Doja Cat says pretty much goes. While his new album didn’t drop on November 12th as planned, fans can expect its release on November 19th. Let’s hope by then their music video collab, along with Saweetie, will drop before then.

    Fans Can Expect Big-Name Features On The Album

    New Album
    via Wichita KS

    While everyone is excited to see Doja Cat and Saweetie team up again, Montana’s album will feature other big-name artists as well. Moreover, his fourth album will feature artists like Rick Ross, John Legend and some OG’s such as Fabolous. Recently, Montana has already released singles off the album like “I Really Don’t Care” and “Panicking.” Sounds like the rapper’s new album will make a big splash.

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