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    Docs Pump 15 Cans of Beer in Man’s Stomach to SAVE HIS LIFE!

    And people say beer’s bad for you lol.

    Nguyen Van Nhat, a Vietnamese man whose only crime was having a good time, almost died from alcohol poisoning. In order to save the man’s life, doctors pumped him with one can beer every hour until the he regained consciousness. This led to a total of up to 15 beers.

    The 48-year-old’s blood had more than 1,000 the healthy limit of methanol.

    Warning, some sciencey words coming up…

    According to Dr. Le Ve Lam:

    …alcohol comes in two variants, methanol and ethanol, and the human liver breaks down ethanol first as a priority.

    Mr Nguyen became unconscious when the methanol in his system oxidised to formaldehyde which in turn produced formic acid…

    To prevent oxidising formaldehyde to formic acid, giving beer to the methanol-poisoned patient gave medics enough time to perform dialysis.

    Hans-Jörg Busch, an emergency physician, said that this type of therapy is certainly unusual, but that the Vietnamese hospital might not have had any other alcohol available.

    At least they got the job done…

    There’s no word on what beer was used. I’m puttin’ my money on Heineken.


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