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    Dave East Removed Kodak From His Debut Album

    Kodak Didn’t Make The Final Cut for Dave East’s Album

    Dave East removed Kodak Black from his album, Survival, which was released on November 8th. Kodak Black was set to have a verse on the song “Night Shift”. This verse did not end up making the final cut of the album.

    In a recent interview with Big Boy TV. East claimed that Kodak’s remarks about Lauren London were what led to the removal of his verse. Dave East was not just a fan of Nipsey Hussle’s music, they were actually quite close friends.

    East claims to have no issues with Kodak but felt he could not have a clear conscious allowing his verse to stay on Survival. Furthermore, East claimed that it just wouldn’t feel right to have Kodak featured on the album while having songs such as ‘The Marathon Continues’ that speak of Nipsey.

    Dave East Removed Kodak

    Sadly in March of this year rapper, Nipsey Hussle was killed in a shooting in Los Angeles.

    Shortly after this took place Kodak Black shocked several people with comments he made about the recently deceased rapper’s wife, Lauren London. While on Instagram live Kodak claimed that he would, “be the best man I can be for her.”

    After seeing how many people took offense to these remarks Kodak took to Instagram live to give an apology. Kodak claimed that, “If I disrespected Lauren London in any shape or form, I am sorry. Even though I know I didn’t.” A number of people felt this apology was not very genuine, such as rappers T.I. and The Game.

    What do you guys think about Dave East removing Kodak’s verse? Was Kodak Black’s apology genuine or did he go too far with the remarks he made about Lauren London?

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