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    Daddy Yankee And His Last Album: LEGENDADDY

    After more than 30 years in the music industry, Daddy Yankee made the decision to retire. In fact, He’s saying his goodbyes with a bang, well maybe a few by dropping his last album: Legendaddy.

    This album is filled with nostalgia but it comes with a flare of the modern times in reggaton. Yankee says his goodbyes by dropping the album Legendaddy and announcing his last tour ever. The album itself features 19 songs which can be attributed as an ode to his oldest hits like “Gasolina” released back in 2004. The album is filled with huge collaborations such as Bad Bunny, Sech, Rauw Alejandro, Myke Towers, Becky G, and more. These artists are currently are dominating the Latin charts of today.

    The Reggaeton of Yesterday

    One of his songs out from this album is reminiscent of old-school reggaeton. This was before Vico C, Voltio, Tego Calderon, and Ivy Queen were huge. The song is the number five track of his album Legendaddy and it’s called “Rumbaton”.

    This song is currently trending at No. 6 on YouTube. But besides that point, it reminds fans of a song released 10 years ago called “Los 12 Discipulos” made by Eddie Dee and it featured the biggest reggaeton artists at the time. And Daddy Yankee was one of them.  The production of “Rumbaton” automatically makes listeners think of old-school reggaeton.

    These two songs create a certain atmosphere making those who listened to reggaeton in the old days reminisce and appreciate how music evolved over time.

    Announcing Retirement Helped His Numbers

    According to Variety, when Daddy Yankee announced his retirement, his album Legendaddy reached high numbers when it first came out. It made a huge impression in the Latino community. And in the first three days of its release, his label Republic Records accumulated 175 million streams.

    The Puerto Rican rapper while announcing his leave from music mentions in a statement, “I’m announcing my retirement from music by giving you my best production and concert tour.”

    “I’m bidding farewell by celebrating my 32 years of experience with this special edition album, Legendaddy. It encompasses all the styles that have defined me, condensed into one album.”

    Tell us what you think about Yankee’s album Legendaddy.



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