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    DaBaby Being Sued For Beating Rapper’s Ass

    DaBaby is being sued by another rapper.

    As it turns out, Donald Saladin is suing DaBaby over an attack that took place over a month ago, TMZ claims. Saladin claims that DaBaby’s bodyguard beat him so badly that he had to be admitted into a hospital for further care.

    Saladin goes by the rap name Don Trag. Documents state the two were at Centro Nightclub in Lawrence, Massachusetts. Everything was fine until Trag said he asked to take a picture with the “Walker Texas Ranger” rapper. That’s when things got real bad, real fast. But not for the Ohio rapper…he walked away without any scratches or bruises. In fact, his team of bodyguards did all the heavy damage.

    The attack, in question, left Saladin with injuries to his head, eyes, neck, and spine. Saladin’s even says that the injuries grew to be so bad that shortly after, he fell into a coma, due to swelling.

    Now, as a result, Trag is suing the rapper. He wants every penny back that it cost to receive medical care. So, DaBaby could be looking at a bill of over $100k.

    DaBaby has not said anything related to the news.

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