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    Chloe Bailey: 7 Looks On Instagram You Can’t Beat

    Chloe Bailey is Back!

    After her debut single, “Have Mercy,” Chloe Bailey comes out of her shell and becomes a superstar that many fans are falling in love with. The 22-year-old singer known for her duo Chloe X Halle with her sister, Bailey, is doing things solo and releasing her upcoming debut album.

    Bailey opens up to Billboard about becoming a solo artist now and how her singing is a mix of individuality and a fresh start to a new beginning. She may get some negativity from social media, but that does not stop her from pursuing what she loves.

    “It’s stupid to think you can please everybody, so no matter what I do or what anyone else does, no one will 1,000% agree with it. So as long as I keep the mindset that as long as I’m proud of myself and I’m walking in my path and in my light, then I know I’m okay,” the singer says in the interview.

    Serving Looks One Post at a Time

    Bailey is not only coming to who she truly is, she is exciting fans with her new fashion taste. The “Have Mercy” artist has been making appearances at significant events like The Met Gala, performing at the VMAs, spotted with rapper Gunna, and much more.

    After making a separate Instagram account for herself, Bailey is breaking the Internet with her styling choices. She sets trends one post at a time, from the blue silk jumpsuit with the Gucci belt to a sophisticated white corset top with leather pants. Let’s take a scroll through Instagram and check out seven of Chloe Bailey’s latest looks.

    1. Chloe Bailey wears a blue silk jumpsuit with the Gucci belt spotted court side with rapper Gunna at a Hawk’s game.
    2. A stunning diamond embedded dress serves her justice and clearly proves diamonds are a girl’s best friend.
    3. With the long and cloud-like design, Bailey is caught performing at The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.
    4. Her appearance at The Met Gala in a sophisticated white silk dress with a beautiful train to follow her.
    5. Bailey serves her fitted black dress that is giving Breakfast with Tiffany’s, yet edgy with her shades.
    6. The neon orange-fitting chained dress gives Bailey a look that is stunning and a bit scandalous.
    7. This photo says it all, “she means business.”

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