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    Chicago’s own Nia Asiel unveils new single “Word on the Street”

    Acclaimed R&B singer-songwriter Nia Asiel is back with a gorgeous hushed visual for her new single titled “Word on the Street”. The latest single “Word On The Street” is a song filled with storytelling and she wanted to share a story through this song by illustrating how so many people survive on the streets.

    The record “Word on the Street” serves as Nia’s first melodic trap anthem after her R&B hit “No Phase” reached over 100k views on YouTube. Nia Asiel delivers an intriguing story over a fast-paced piano beat about life in the streets. “Word On The Street” was produced by Caaprie and gives listeners a look inside losing everything from one wrong move.

    Every lyric drives the audience deeper and deeper into Nia’s mind. She sings, “In the streets, he done lost it all. Ain’t got no one to call. He knows the word on the streets they don’t love me.” Her style is packed with energy and powerful vocals.

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