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    Chicago Bulls DeMar DeRozan Completes 2nd Buzzer-Beater Night

    Chicago Bulls superstar DeMar DeRozan has hit consecutive game-winning three-pointer buzzer-beater shots. He’s making a real case for becoming an MVP candidate as he has become an internet sensation. DeRozan recently has led the Chicago Bulls to a 120-119 victory over the Washington Wizards. This was their sevens straight win.

    DeRozan the night before hit the game-winner against the Indiana Pacers. He’s become the first player in NBA history to hit back-to-back game-winners on consecutive days, according to ESPN.

    “Just to hit a buzzer-beater, in general, is amazing, especially when you do it on the road,” DeRozan said on a video call after Saturday’s game. “I don’t know. I don’t know if I’m dreaming. If it’s real right now.”

    “It’s just an honor to be trusted in the fourth quarter. Whether things are going good or going bad, my team, teammates always leaned on me to be that calm presence to bring us home. I always bring that calm presence as much as I can in the fourth quarter, letting guys understand, as long we got time we got a chance,” DeRozan added.

    After DeRozan caught an inbound pass from Coby White with three seconds left, he dribbled into the corner and did a pump fake. After the pump fake, he soon followed by delivering the shots of shots to give them the lead as time expires. He shot the shot over All-Star guard Bradley Beal and Wizards rookie Corey Kispert.

    DeRozan finished with 28 points, nine rebounds, and five assists. Previously before the game-winning shot was hit, Kyle Kuzma hit a go-ahead three-pointer. After the shot was made by DeRozan, words were exchanged between the two.

    “DeMar told me, ‘Hold my beer,'” Kuzma said.

    A look into the Chicago Bulls’ future

    The Bull’s winning streak, and a loss by the Brooklyn Nets has helped Chicago leapfrog over them. They hold the best record in the Eastern Conference at 24-10. The Bulls don’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon either.

    Like many teams in the NBA, the COVID-19 outbreak has limited some of the NBA’s best players to the sideline. The Bulls have been playing without Lonzo Ball and Alfonzo McKinnie through this stretch. However, both players have recently cleared protocol.

    “I’m quite relieved I can give this back to the coach,” acting Bulls coach Chris Fleming said with a laugh. “I was very fortunate enough to be able to experience this from the head coaching standpoint and see the guys from a little bit of a different side.

    “I told them after that I was thankful for the partnership and how hard they poured themselves into making the situation a good one. That’s pretty much how their character has been all season. They’ve been resilient, they’ve handled other blows and different guys have been out and they’ve just kept chugging.”

    As DeRozan strengthens his case for MVP, in the fourth quarter, he’s also becoming their closer. In the final period, DeRozan is shooting 53% from the field and 54% from the three-point line. Many of his teammates are happy to have him and believe that he brings a different element to their offense.

    “Thank God we have DeMar DeRozan on our team,” Bulls guard Zach LaVine said.


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