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    Cartier J Drops “Revenge” Video

    Brooklyn rapper Cartier J has just dropped his latest single and music video for the buzzing track “Revenge.” In the visually captivating video, the talented and stylish rapper navigates the neighborhood in pursuit of a captivating love interest who presents a challenge. Cartier J shares his aspirations and hustle, delivering trendy verses like, “I’m focused on the bag, so I’m pushing harder. My diamonds shining bright, dripping like water. Talking all that nonsense, I’ll make him disappear like Harry Potter.”

    “Revenge” serves as an ideal starting point for new fans of Cartier J. With his previously released track “I Thought” also gaining attention, critics praise Cartier J’s clever wordplay and unique flow, positioning him as a potential musical icon.

    Stream the new single below and watch the official visual above.


    Cartier J (or as some fans call him, the Cartier Kid) is an artist of numerous talents. Hailing from the Tompkins projects, located in it the heart of one of Brooklyn’s long-standing cultural hubs, Cartier J is more than an artist, some would categorize Cartier J as a musical connoisseur. At just 13, he already has a skillset and a mindset way beyond his years. Inspired by artists like Nas, Jay Z and Eminem and a speech that reflects an ideology of a young Frank Lucas or Ellsworth Johnson, the curious case of the Cartier J’s is certainly a story that will be worth the watch.

    Cartier J’s witty wordplay which creatively complements his unorthodox flow, Cartier J could quickly develop into a musical icon. Delivelinering a sound enjoyed by all ages, parents and their children alike, Cartier J’s reach is imminent. Referring to the young artist’s expansive skillset. Cartier J plays 3 instruments, guitar, piano and the drums. His ability to quickly master these instruments could only be driven by a deep passion for music that only a select few in this lifetime will experience. This uncommonly deep interest for his craft has created an artistic curiosity that, if met with the appropriate challenges, could soon result in the young artist blooming into a global sensation in what could feel life overnight.

    If You think Revenge is good! Stay tuned, Cartier J is just getting started.

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