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    Carisha J. understands the price of building an empire in 2023

    Understanding your worth is priceless.

    Known as a media maven and self-made entrepreneur, Carisha J.  has made quite a name for herself. Carisha is the CEO/Founder of LWC Multimedia Group (Live With Carisha). LWC Multimedia Group (Live With Carisha) has a wide range of interactive broadcast platforms, including TV/Film, record label, merchandise, and a virtual live performance series featuring uncut diamonds within the independent music industry.

    In a world where the traditional career path is no longer the only path to success, Carisha J. is leading the charge in redefining what it means to be a self-made woman. She gives a voice to underrepresented communities and creates meaningful change as a media maven with her finger on the pulse of pop culture. As a venture capitalist, she isn’t afraid to invest in new technologies or partner with brands outside of her comfort zone.

    Carisha J. is built to run a marathon.

    Her fearlessness has allowed her to build an empire spanning music, fashion, television, and digital media. She’s just getting started. Her fearless panoramic vision allows her to see opportunity where others fail to see it. Her business portfolio is vast and diverse, all of which are thriving.

    However, Carisha J. does more than succeed in her career; she also contributes to the world. She is an active philanthropist who supports causes such as gender equality and education. Additionally, she advocates for social justice and human rights. Her goal is to improve the world through everything she does. It has been confirmed that Carisha J. inked a digital monetization and branding deal with RADIOPUSHERS and MUSICHYPEBEAST in 2022. LWC is expanding its digital footprint across multiple countries through the joint venture.


    1. Yessss!!! Carisha and her whole team are amazing!! Love from LCD Entertainment 🙌

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