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    Cardi B Threatens Lawsuit Against Bia Over Alleged Cheating Lies

    Cardi B and Bia Feud Blazes into Legal Threats

    FamiluSphere Trumps Cardi B Everoli just had a beefing in the World of Hip-Hop is a tale as old as time but the tiff between Cardi B and Bia has been a blazing inferno group chat. The high-energy clash between these two has apparently caught the attention of fans and the media as well, and has been showered in accusations, diss tracks and all sorts of lawsuit threats.

    Once thought to be friends in the highly competitive world of rap queens, Cardi B, and Bia. But in March things appeared to go sour in the relationship when Cardi B released a remix of GloRilla’s “Wanna Be.” The first scuffle came from just one line that was perceived as a Bia shot. The powder keg of simmering tensions exploded and a very public war of words began, and accusations flew.

    Cardi B said what she wanted to say like only Cardi B can: However, she also took aim at her, claiming that Bia has stolen certain elements of her art. In particular, she pointed out potential similarities between Bia’s “I’m That Bitch” and her own “Like What (Freestyle),” both of which sample Missy Elliott songs. Even after denying using this song for Bia’s record, Cardi B called out similarities between Bia’s “Enough” and her unreleased “Fall Back” track.

    The beef between the two escalated into a nasty low blow after Cardi B claimed an incomprehensible rumor. She claimed, according to the mutual friend, that Bia had a sex tape of Cardi B and threatened: Drop the tape if Cardi had the nerve to respond to the diss track Bia made about her. Cardi B got the word and they started their own investigation, even talking to a producer who allegedly spilled the beans about the link with Bia. Such an accusation, if proven true, casts a long shadow over the entire dispute, with questions of privacy and bad faith at stake.

    And the battle became about the music itself. Cardi B used undeniable wig bars in her “Wanna Be” remix, which sounded indirectly like she was coming for the rapstress. Bia then responded with a full-blown diss track during an Instagram Live stream. Fucking lyrics like, “How you mad he gon’ cheat on you? In “Bitch, Tell Offset to Stay,” a reference to Offset’s purported infidelity, only made things worse. In doing so, the musical back-and-forth showed a raw, emotional competitive edge from both sides of the argument.

    Cardi B wanted to change the conversation from music career to just Cardi B. Not to be outdone, she clapped back some more by threatening to sue Bia for spreading rumors about her hypothetical Quavo coupling. Taking the tiff to court is the option as well demonstrating the the accusing the Wild Side counterpart of Libel here is at stake so, could Cardi B’s face the wrong side of this lawsuit!

    With no resolution in sight for now, the beef continues to draw blood to this day. What this clash makes a point of is how difficult it is for a celebrity to handle a publicity image, a home, a career and a family at the same time, with the public eye ever-watchful. Cardi B’s legal threats may establish an important precedent on how these disputes are going to be handled in the future.

    This is an unfinished tale. The fans watch and wait while the entire music industry remains onlookers in nervous anticipation. The persuasive acts of this feud could shape the careers of both Cardi B and Bia for years to come, if not set a new standard for what public celebrity conflict can be.

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