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    Cardi B Releases A Full Out Assault On The Press..Petty Status

    It’s no secret that Cardi B has always spoken her mind regardless of the consequences. Now it seems that the rapper has a bone to pick with the press in general.

    The Bodak Yellow, the streaming queen has just released a new track. It’s surely a diss, but it not against another emcee. This time around Cardi B is speaking directly to the media/press. Throughout last year the New Yorker received heavy backlash many times orchestrated through the press. Cardi ensured that it was no question about who she would be referencing throughout the single.

    Cardi B Press Diss

    “Press, press, press, press, press//Cardi don’t need more press//Kill ’em all, put them hoes to restWalk in, bulletproof vest//Please tell me who she gon’ check//Murder scene, Cardi made a mess.”

    Cardi is always found in the midst of controversy. Earlier this week Cardi B admitted to the fact that she has had plastic surgery. Because of her recent procedures, the rapper was forced to cancel some shows. Because of the cancelation, she received a backlash from fans online. The “Invasion Of Privacy” rapper also claims that she is too busy to workout.

    At the moment the rapper is balancing being a mother to Kulture, producing her own clothing line with Fashion Nova, preparing to co-host a show on Netflix, and also gearing up for a new album.

    Do you think Cardi B Press diss is hot? Do you think she’s being petty? Leave your comments below, and stay tuned to

    Illustration: Jared Schrock

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