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    Cardi B and Offset Are Back Together…Again

    Cardi B and Offset are reportedly putting their marriage back together and working things out with each other.

    Cardi B and Offset had a very challenging 2018. She left him after she got tired of being constantly cheated on. The news of their breakup spread gossip through the entertainment world, as Offset’s mistresses also came forward. Offset tried multiple times to get Cardi back, which mostly backfired on him. In addition to that, Offset even interrupted her performance to try and get back with her.
    However, despite all that Cardi has repeatedly said that she still cares about Offset, even if she is upset with him. Recently, both of them were spotted on a jet-ski with each other. It was later confirmed that they also had sex. Well, according to TMZ, Cardi B and Offset are officially trying to put their marriage back together. According to their sources, Cardi and Offset are communicating with each other. Apparently, the talks are going well. Only time will tell if their marriage can survive Offset’s cheating and manipulation.
    What do you think of the continued mess that is the marriage of Cardi B and Offset? Do you think that she should take him back?

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