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    Buccaneers QB Tom Brady Receives Backlash For Kissing His Son

    Tom Brady, the quarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, encountered unexpected controversy as the new year began. Over the weekend, Brady innocently took a photo with his younger son, but unfortunately, it received negative reactions from the public. Brady has been known for expressing his love for his family and children in unconventional ways. It seems that he simply wanted to share a nice picture with his son before the New Year, but unfortunately, he faced a barrage of disrespectful comments targeting him and his family.

    Tom Brady has undoubtedly faced a challenging year on multiple fronts: emotionally, mentally, and physically. However, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers achieved a remarkable comeback victory against the Carolina Panthers this weekend. Notably, this win secured the Bucs a playoff spot as division champions.

    The year 2022 will likely be one that Tom Brady, arguably the greatest football player ever, would prefer to leave behind.

    Tom Brady’s 2022 has been filled with challenges. From his divorce from Gisele Bündchen and her quick rebound with another man, to Antonio Brown mocking him during his grieving process, it seems like one problem after another for Brady. To make matters worse, the person he was involved with turned out to be married to another athlete. All these issues are undoubtedly taking a toll on him.

    In addition to his personal struggles, Brady is also leading a team aiming for another title run while battling his own demons. On the football front, Tampa Bay Buccaneers have a .500 record (8-8) this season. The NFC South division has been particularly weak, which means the playoff standards have significantly lowered.

    Overall, Tom Brady is facing numerous difficulties in both his personal life and on the football field in 2022.

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