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    Boko Haram Attacks Boys’ Boarding School In Nigeria

    Boko Haram Attacks   

    Boko Haram, a terrorist group operating in West Africa, claimed responsibility for kidnapping over 300 boys from a boarding school in Nigeria. The group, whose name translates to “forbidden book”, said in a statement that the strike was meant to discourage Africans from pursuing Western education. Boko Haram is also responsible for the kidnapping of 270 girls in the Nigerian city of Chibok in 2014. 

    A Message

        Experts say that the commander responsible, Shekau, was “sending a message”. In an interview with the Washington Post, Bulama Bukarti, a Boko Haram specialist, said “[Shekau] wanted to make a big political statement that we are attacking you in the northeast… and now we are doing it in the northwest… this is a huge announcement – an audacious demonstration of capacity.” 

    What Will Happen?

        It’s believed that the kidnapped boys will be forced to join Boko Haram, or be murdered by the militants.  The kidnapped girls of Chibok faced a similar choice: marry militants, or die. 


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