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    Blueface in Hot Water! Sued Over Las Vegas Strip Club Shooting

    Blueface is a notorious rapper who can’t seem to stay out of trouble. His latest altercation has him in legal hot water, as he is now sued over his Las Vegas strip club shooting.

    A woman has filed a lawsuit against the rapper and a Las Vegas strip club after she was injured in a shooting outside their establishment. Brooks, whose real name is Jasmine Brooks, claims she was left permanently disabled by the incident.

    The lawsuit alleges that Blueface was responsible for the shooting

    In October last year, Blueface was allegedly responsible for a shooting that occurred outside of the Euphoric Gentlemen’s Club in Las Vegas. The incident caused the club to shut down permanently.

    According to TMZ, the rapper pulled out a gun and shot at a truck driver outside of the club. The rapper then sped away.

    The owner of the club has now filed a lawsuit against Blueface for damages. The suit states that he acted in a “deplorable manner” and that he violated her rights by carrying a gun inside the establishment.

    In addition, the lawsuit also claims that the owner is liable for the alleged shooting because he failed to provide adequate security at his club. The owner is seeking $15,000 in damages from the rapper.

    The lawsuit claims that Blueface was drunk

    Blueface has always been a polarizing figure in the hip-hop community. Whether it’s his on-and-off relationship with fellow artist Chrisean Rock, or the fact that he hasn’t been getting along well with his father, Blueface is always making headlines and always causing trouble.

    The latest incident comes as the “Thotiana” rapper was sued over a shooting that occurred outside a Las Vegas strip club last October. According to TMZ, the shooting occurred after a patron made a joke about Blueface’s crew’s car and it triggered an altercation between them.

    As soon as the man asked who hit him, Blueface and his entourage pulled out their guns and started firing at his vehicle as he drove away. The man was left with a bullet graze on his hand and his truck was slashed with multiple bullet marks.

    The lawsuit claims that Blueface was armed

    A woman is suing Los Angeles-based rapper Blueface over an alleged shooting at a Las Vegas strip club. Jasmine Brooks claims that she was permanently disabled after a shooting in October.

    According to the lawsuit, she was injured by a shooter at Euphoric Gentlemen’s Club. She says that the club failed to keep its venue safe and allowed patrons to have weapons on the property.

    She is claiming that Blueface was armed when the shooting occurred. He fired several shots at the truck where the victim was riding in and left him with a bullet graze wound on his hand.

    He was reportedly arrested after the incident in a police undercover operation. He was charged with attempted murder and other crimes. He was released on bail, but the case remains open.

    The lawsuit claims that Blueface was responsible for the shooting

    The owner of a Las Vegas strip club has alleged that Blueface was responsible for shooting at one of his patrons in October. According to the lawsuit, Blueface was spotted with a gun in his hands as he fired shots at the man outside of Lo-Lo’s Chicken and Waffles near Flamingo Road and Koval Lane.

    The incident occurred after a patron of the club made a joke about Blueface “speaking to some females in a cheap vehicle.” This led to an altercation, police say.

    A video captured by TMZ shows the incident, and it appears that Blueface pulled out a gun before firing several shots at the truck driver as they drove away. The truck driver escaped the melee without injury, but police say he was grazed by a bullet in his hand and some bullet marks on his vehicle.

    The rapper was arrested on a charge of attempted murder after the shooting happened. He was booked into the Clark County Detention Center and had bail set at $50,000. He also has to follow a series of bail conditions or face additional jail time.

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