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    WTF! Utah Teen Crashes Car Doing ‘Bird Box Challenge’

    Another day, another dumb challenge!

    A 17-year-old Utah teen thought a good idea to blindfold herself and drive a pickup truck. And to the surprise of many, she wound up crashing. Police claimed the Netflix spectacle “Bird Box” inspired the stunt. But, this comes as no surprise since crowds of people were dying to take photos at the “Bird Box” home.

    In case you’ve been living under a rock, “Bird Box” takes place in an apocalyptic thriller-verse where a strange force drives those who look at into a murderous frenzy. To survive, characters had to navigate the world blindfolded. The movie became an nternational sensation, pulling in 45 million views from Netflix subscribers.

    But obviously every trend births a dumb fad.

    According to the Washington Post, Lieutenant Travis Lyman said the teen pulled her beanie cap over her eyes as a part of the challenge. She drove a white SUV and was accompanied by a 16-year-old passenger. Thankfully, no one got themselves seriously hurt.

    But teens aren’t the only people engaged in this craze. YouTube superstar Jake Paul recently filmed himself running and driving blindfolded as a part of the challenge.

    When will these fools ever learn?

    What do you think? Please tell us you’re not going to do anything this stupid. It’s not worth the likes!

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