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    BIA Reacts to Cardi B’s ‘Wanna Be’ Remix Verse: Detailed Lyric Review

    Bia released a scathing diss track that was a fiery response to Cardi B’s verse on the “Wanna Be” remix—everything from allegations of infidelity to cultural appropriation. Let’s break down the lyrics and the drama that has ensued.

    It all culminated in the “Wanna Be” remix: In the track, Cardi B subliminally dissed BIA when she said, “Bitch, please, don’t nobody wanna be ya.” That came after Nicki Minaj did the “WHOLE LOTTA MONEY Remix” with BIA and even shouted her out, saying she just “bent the block”; that was when Cardi B dropped her tune about all these ladies wanting to sound like BIA. Therefore, BIA did not think twice but went straight for the jugular, not in the least bit thinking of responding to clapback on social media but instead, the recording booth.

    Deep Dive: Decoding BIA’s Lyrics

    You Can check the original Lyrics in here….

    Verse 1:

    “Put it on your hubby since you love lying on your vows (Wow)”

    This likely refers to Cardi B's marriage to Offset, suggesting infidelity or dishonesty within their relationship.

    “Put her ass in the ground ’til she had to give me my flowers (Huh)”

    "Give me my flowers" is a metaphor for demanding respect or recognition. This could imply that BIA feels Cardi B has not given her the respect she deserves in the industry.

    “Put that shit on God that you ain’t change your face to mine”

    This line suggests that Cardi B may have undergone plastic surgery to emulate BIA's look, accusing her of copying her appearance.

    “Say you love yourself, bitch, you wouldn’t put that on your kids (Huh) / All that surgery and how your body looks so mid”

    This criticizes Cardi B for allegedly undergoing multiple cosmetic surgeries and questioning her self-love.

    “Thought your ass was for the culture, you just tryin’ to ride the wave”

    This accuses Cardi B of pretending to represent cultural authenticity while merely following trends for fame.

    “Now these bitches getting brave, heard this ho do brujeria”

    "Brujeria" refers to witchcraft. This suggests that Cardi B might be using unconventional means to succeed or attack BIA.

    “Someone go and call up Pardi ’cause we gonna bake her ass a cake”

    Pardi is likely a reference to Pardison Fontaine, Cardi B's frequent collaborator and rumored romantic partner. BIA suggests involving him, hinting at a deeper connection or involvement in their beef.


    The repeated line "You ain't nothing but a fuck girl, I see right through you" clearly targets Cardi B, emphasizing BIA's disdain and claiming to see through her facade.

    Verse 2:

    “Go ‘head tell your hubby you ain’t innocent (Huh)”

    Again referencing Offset, suggesting Cardi B's infidelity or dishonesty within her marriage.

    “You wanna mention me, bitch, that’s the benefit (That’s the benefit)”

    This could imply that Cardi B gains attention or relevance by mentioning BIA.

    “Bitch, you probably write a spell before a rap (It’s a fact)”

    This reinforces the earlier mention of brujeria, implying Cardi B relies on spells rather than skill in her rap career.

    “Do I beef with you or do I beef with Pardi?”

    This questions whether the beef is with Cardi B directly or with her close collaborator Pardison Fontaine, suggesting a blurred line between their conflicts.


    “C-A-R-D cryin’ on I-G (Cryin’ on I-G)”

    This accuses Cardi B of seeking attention through emotional outbursts on Instagram.

    “Catch another tude ’cause she couldn’t catch a beat (Couldn’t catch a beat)”

    Criticizes Cardi B's musical abilities, implying she struggles to perform or produce quality music.

    “You been scrapping projects since 2019”

    This suggests that Cardi B has been unable to release consistent projects since 2019, possibly due to personal or professional setbacks.


    “Me and all my homegirls hate your tats”

    This insults Cardi B's tattoos, calling them dirty and unattractive.

    “And if it wasn’t for Kollin and Set you wouldn’t know how to dress, bitch”

    Kollin is likely a reference to Kollin Carter, Cardi B's stylist, and "Set" refers to Offset. This implies that Cardi B's fashion sense is entirely dependent on her stylist and her husband, suggesting she lacks personal style.

    Hidden Meanings and Overall Analysis

    Dark Soul vs. Bright Future:

    The recurring theme of having a “dark soul” but a “bright future” juxtaposes BIA’s resilience and future success against her perceived darker nature, possibly hinting at the aggressive nature of the diss track.


    Refers to BIA’s precision in her verbal attacks, emphasizing her ability to strike accurately and effectively in her disses.

    This diss track has the entire music industry talking. What it works out to see now is the reaction of Cardi B, and the fans are polarized. Some are in full support of BIA’s fiercely heated approach, while others are taking the negativity to discredit her. Social media is already going to be full of memes and reactions. This indeed upped the beefing between BIA and Cardi B. Whether it remains a one-way street from BIA’s angle or Cardi B decides to say her part also is yet to be known, but one thing is sure: The whole hip-hop world is watching, with popcorn.

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