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    Ben Affleck Ditches Wedding Ring Amidst Jennifer Lopez Split

    Famous American actor Ben Affleck is in the news again, but this time, it has nothing to do with any movie role he might be taking up. Recently, Ben was spotted without his wedding ring, and rumors began circulating that he had split from Jennifer Lopez. The couple, nicknamed “Bennifer,” has had a rather roller-coaster relationship, and now fans are talking about moving toward another breakup.

    Ben Affleck Jennifer Lopez divorce rumors

    Affleck was seen not wearing a wedding ring while heading to his office in Los Angeles this past week. The spotting occurred days after it was reported that the 54-year-old actress and singer J.Lo and Affleck had lived separately since March. A source close to them told Page Six that though living apart, the Gone Girl actor “continues to be very protective of Jennifer.”

    Ben Affleck Jennifer Lopez marriage status

    Adding fuel to the fire, the couple has been selling off artwork from their $60 million mansion in Bel-Air, California. The house—the so-called “Wallingford estate”—was listed for $65 million last month. Page Six reported that paintings and other items were sold to collectors in early June.

    Ben Affleck has been staying at a $100,000-a-month rental near his ex-wife, Jennifer Garner, while Lopez lives in a Bel-Air mansion. Affleck and Garner have three children: Violet, Seraphina, and Samuel.

    Ben Affleck Jennifer Lopez separation details
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    Affleck and Lopez have just about been a favorite among the paparazzi all along. Their love, originally budded in 2002 on the set of the movie “Gigli,” soon turned into a media event. Ben proposed to Jennifer in November of the same year with this beautiful pink diamond ring, and the world watched as “Bennifer” became one of the most-talked-about couples in Hollywood.

    However, their journey was not smooth. The couple postponed their wedding in 2003 due to the excessive media craze and finally broke off in January. Both went their separate ways, with Jennifer tying the knot with Marc Anthony and Ben hooking up with Jennifer Garner. But this was not the case throughout.

    Fast-forward to 2021, and the duo rediscovered love for each other to the delight of many fans. In September 2021, just when the whole world talked about their proper red-carpet debut at the Met Gala, August 2022 saw them finally tying the knot in a beautiful Georgia wedding. Jennifer posted magnificent photos from that special day to social media, letting the world witness how much they loved and cherished one another.

    Yet, despite the fairy tale comeback, recent events have proven trouble in paradise. Ben has been sans wedding rings lately, and people are just talking to pieces about what is wrong with the marriage. Sources close to the couple hint they might have been having issues for months and have since lived separately.

    The couple has always kept their personal lives relatively tight-lipped, making it hard for fans and the media to get a clear picture of what transpires. Neither Ben nor Jennifer has officially stated their current relationship status.

    Their history shows that they’ve always handled media speculation differently. In the early 2000s, when it was still an initial relationship, they were more forthcoming about quashing the rumors. They would constantly give interviews and make public appearances to prove to people that they were committed to each other.

    For instance, Jennifer said in a 2003 interview, “We’re just two people who fell in love. And we happen to be in the public eye.” They even used their websites to share updates and sometimes issued joint statements to clarify their status.

    nsider news on Ben Affleck Jennifer Lopez split
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    In an interview a few days ago, Ben Affleck opened up about reuniting with his on-and-off girlfriend, Jennifer Lopez; he referred to their reunion as “beautiful.” Moreover, he added that the relationship he shared with her had been really meaningful for him. On the other hand, Jennifer Lopez spoke of feelings regarding her relationship with Ben Affleck, calling it “meaningful” and explaining its depth.

    Ben Affleck Jennifer Lopez relationship timeline

    Though devastated by her marriage’s breakup, Lopez seems to have squarely focused on herself and her twins, Max and Emme. She is making new plans for 2025: In the summer of that year, she will again hit the road with her “This Is Me. Live” tour when she turns 56. The tour was originally scheduled to start in July 2024 but was canceled for Lopez to “recollect herself.”

    “She is looking forward to touring next year when her personal life is less gossip-ridden, and she connects with her fans. She’ll take her tribe with her and make a blast of it,” adds the insider.

    In the face of rumors and media frenzy, one suddenly remembers that there is a human side to the story. Relationships are complicated, especially with the constant scrutiny of the world’s eyes. Ben and Jennifer have shared years together—ups and downs. After so many years apart, their second chance at first love is owed to them because they now have a better understanding of what works between them.

    Jennifer Lopez breakup news
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    For now, fans across the globe are all eyes on what comes next in Ben and Jennifer‘s lives. Whether they resolve to quell these speculations or keep mum about their personal lives once more, one thing is certain: Bennifer will always hold something special in the hearts of its fans.

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