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    Apple Unveils Major Changes At Today’s Conference

    The trillion-dollar company known as Apple continues to dominate the consumer tech market.

    Back in September, Apple held their annual conference, which offers details into there latest flagship iPhone series along with captivating features. During the conference, iPhone unveiled the latest edition of iPhones which included the iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR.
    One of the main messages that Apple wanted to spread in 2018, is that they aim to cater to consumers on an economic level. This included MacBooks being under $1,000, and iPhone models on the lower end of production, which is why Apple continues to be the best. 
    Earlier today, Apple held another event at the Brooklyn Academy Of Music, with a focus of modeling an upscale version its iPad.  The new iPad Pro is 5.9 mm thinner, which translates to a slimmer and sleek look. In addition, the home button has been removed and will have selected areas that allow users to return to the previous screen.
    Apple Unveils Major Changes-1

    Additional changes to the iPad included that with the removal of the home button, there is now Face ID recognition. Also, there will be a USB-C, output that allows you to even charge your iPhone and provide 5K resolution.

    iPad Pro lovers will be happy to know that the Pencil will connect magnetically and automatically charge. The prolific iPad will be available in two sizes, the 11 inches starting at $799, and the 12.9 inches starting at $999.

    The MacBook Air

    Apple also dropped another bombshell with the layout to the redesigned MacBook Air, which starts at $1199. The increase is because of it’s advanced Retina display. Apple’s incredibly thin design has been a signature in the latest realm of technology.

    The layout of the Mackbook Air includes that it’s 25% lighter and now weighs 2.75.  In addition, the screen is 13.3-inches and has increased notebook features and a more responsive mouse. One of the more interesting features is that the MacBook Air now has a Touch ID.

    The Mac Mini

    The latest model is priced at $799 and comes with a quad-core Intel processor with several options to upgrade. Pre-orders start today with the new items set to be released next week.

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