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    Alexander James Rodriguez Continues To Gain Momentum

    Charming with just enough British cheek, pop music’s Alexander James Rodriguez chatted about his latest single, “Cherry Bomb”, and being the youngest nominee at this year’s Hollywood Music in Media Awards.

    Hey Alexander! It’s good to finally catch up with you. At just 14, you have had a busy year. Congrats on Cherry Bomb! Tell us about the song.

    Alexander James Rodriguez: Thank you; yes, I have released seven singles so far this year! I recorded ‘Cherry Bomb’ back in February, but it was released in October. It’s a fun pop song about that one girl who is both sweet and sour. She is strikingly beautiful and charismatic. Like in a naughty but nice kind of way!

    There’s no denying that Cherry Bomb’s music video is spectacular. In fact, it’s one of our favorites. Would you mind telling us more about its concept?

    AJR: In an effort to emulate Brittany Spears, we initially wanted to film “Cherry Bomb” at a high school. However, that option proved challenging. Instead, we researched alternative Los Angeles filming locations and came across the diner. It was pretty bare, and so with a pop of color, some bright food, and with dancers and actors, we wrote up the storyboard. Everything you see belongs to the story. Picking out my outfit was easy – we knew we wanted pinks and purples. When it came to Ava’s wardrobe choices, our “cherry bomb,” we wanted her to compliment mine but still show her as super unique. We landed on the pink, but not before we contemplated a bright yellow dress. Fun fact, Ava Rose was the first person we cast to be in the video.

    Next, we need a dance routine and dancers. I was already working with choreographer Marvin Brown (D23: High School Musical), so it was only natural to ask him to create a fun routine. We then requested dancers Isidora Villagra, Jedd Berina, Kaileia Dixon, and Mckenzie Cole to join us, and I couldn’t be happier; they are all so incredible.

    Watch Alexander James Rodriguez’s ‘Cherry Bomb’:

    Hollywood Music in Media has just nominated the music video for an award. We congratulate you! It must feel amazing to be the youngest nominee this year.

    I can’t quite digest it, to be honest. It feels incredible for an independent and unsigned recording artist, but being the youngest is insane! I’d love to sign with a big label one day soon, so to be amongst some of the music industry’s heavy hitters this year like Beyoncé, Ariana Grande, Kid Cudi, and Jennifer Hudson is like a dream come true.

    You are only 14 and have achieved so much already. What’s next for you?

    AJR: Thanks for your kind words. I have a Christmas song I will be releasing later this month. At the top of 2022, I am releasing a new original song called ‘Alright!’ I am moving into slightly older music feel next year, and I am excited to share it with everyone. The feature film I worked on, ‘Replica,’ will be out on the film festival circuit, and I am hoping to book more acting and voice-over work. Basically, music, TV shows, movies, and more!

    Thank you, Alexander; we are excited to follow your journey!

    You can listen to ‘Cherry Bomb’ from Alexander James Rodriguez by choosing your favorite music platform via or follow him on Instagram or Spotify.

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