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    Adam Nabeel is Addicted To Love In “Novacane”

    I’m what most people like to refer to as a gatekeeper. Not literally, but I wouldn’t say I like sharing the sauce on who’s next.

    It’s like giving up the location to one of your low-key restaurants. Imagine if I shared a slept-on artist with the wrong person.

    And now, they immediately sell out whenever they come to my city (cough, Steve Lacy). But I think the world needs to know who Adam Nabeel is.

    Thank Me Later

    Believe me when I say he has a voice that can move mountains. He comes from Oman and has a universal sound that listeners worldwide would appreciate. He started 2022 strong with his first single, “Ma Cherie.”

    It’s safe to say it inspired him to surpass and go even farther. Because his newest release displays his upward growth.

    His charming new single, “Novcane,” is as addictive as it sounds. The only other artist with a song that has a similar title is Frank Ocean.

    And he might’ve given Frank a run for his money because this song could also be a hit. Once you hear the wavy production, you will be hypnotized and thrown into a trance.

    Special Talent

    Written and produced by Adam himself, it feels like he wanted to make a song that was near and dear to his heart.

    He doesn’t spread himself thin, either. I guarantee his smooth vocals to hit the spot! They pair so well over the delicate production.

    If you have ever been in love, you can understand how addictive it can be to chase that feeling again.

    It’s almost like you crave it and will do anything to experience it again. He did a great job of ingraining his emotions into this track to replicate that intensifying desire. Be sure to follow Adam Nabeel on IG.


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