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    Clothing Brand Sued By Migos

    Your brand is everything in the world of business.

    The trio of Migos has grown to become one of the most popular groups out of Atlanta. For several years the squad of new age talent has lived on the charts, and continue to dominate in the world of streaming. Quavo and Takeoff have already dropped a solo project, with Offset solo debut set to drop in December.

    Migos have been busy with it rumored that there next group album “Culture III” will drop sometime in early 2019. At the moment they are sharing the stage with Drake on the “Aubrey And Three Migos Tour”. In addition, they are currently fighting a lawsuit launched against them for an unauthorized sampling of “Walk It Talk It”.

    The ATL group is now focusing their attention in a different direction. YRN (Yung Rich Nation) is a clothing line that Migos and another business partner currently own. Migos claim that they have been cheated out of royalties owed to them from the brand.

    According to news source “The Blast”, the brand has provided false accounting giving them inaccurate information regarding money owed.  Back in 2015, the group signed a deal with the brand for a percentage of royalties that would be paid from sales.

    They received further complications when the business partner refused to turn over the proper share of earning. In addition, there related slogans such as “Culture” and “Bad and Boujee” was sold without there consent.

    The trio look’s to discontinue the clothing line from making any further money off there name. Earlier this year, YRN sued the group because of allegedly not holding up there end of the agreement in regards to wearing the clothes, and being present at photo shoots. We’ll be sure to keep you up to date once more information is made available!!

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