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    1504 Mutebaby Handles Business On EP ‘Free Da Drill’

    Death or jail is the ultimate way to truly determine if someone is your true friend. It doesn’t cost that much to be a genuine friend to someone. Not even speaking financially, but the least you could do is have their back. Especially if something unpredictable was to occur like jail or passing away. That’s the ultimate test of friendship, having their back and carrying their legacy, even when they are not there. This all aligns with the code that 1504 Mutebaby lives by.

    Ride or Die

    Being in Atlanta, you have to have a small, tight circle of people that you can trust and grow with. Especially, if you are in the music industry which is full of snakes. 1504 Mutebaby has been keeping a wonderful group of people around him which has worked in his favor for his career. Joining forces with the Slaughter Gang label, it’s only up for the young artist.

    After gaining some traction, teaming up with fellow Atlanta rapper Hunxho on “Hell Hole”, he’s been consistently adding to his discography. Most recently, he released a short EP titled Free Da Drill. In dedication to his recently incarcerated homie, Baby Drill, he holds it down for his friend on this project.

    Mute Got Something To Say

    The 6-song EP is the type of content that trap music connoisseurs like me enjoy. If you are a fan of Atlanta artists like Young Nudy or 21 Savage, this project is for you. During the entirety of the project, he shows that the new age of Atlanta is upon us. He truly makes “sliding on your opp” music, for the way he breaks down how he plans to get revenge. He paints a vivid picture with his bars. I can tell he’s tired of being slept on and he took it personally on this project.

    This EP is absolutely something that will consistently be in rotation for me in 2022. Even though it’s one-dimensional at times, it’s a guilty pleasure to listen to when I don’t want to listen to something more preachy.

    So do yourself a favor and check out 1504 Mutebaby’s Free Da Drill.

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