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    Young Thug’s Kids Drop New Song Dissing Gunna as a Rat

    The two sons of Young Thug surprised many by joining the rap fray with a new controversial song racking up much buzz on social media. The young artists have released a snippet of a track directly dissing rapper Gunna, calling him a rat. This act has gotten many people talking.

    The less-than-a-minute snippet shows the two boys spitting rapid-fire raps while flashing cash, exuding a confident energy reminiscent of their father’s delivery. Though the clip is brief, one line is clear: “And Bentley a rat he keep leaving states / And Gunna get whacked if he don’t leave L.A.” The strong lyrics facing off against Gunna refer to allegations and tensions within the local rap community.

    This new track ordinarily adds another layer to the already complex saga between Young Thug and Gunna. Despite relative silence, Young Thug did make a post from behind bars earlier this week, seemingly siding with Lil Baby—an Atlantan rapper who has been critical of Gunna. The message from Thug, “Whateva wham say goes,” refers to Lil Baby by the nickname and hints at his stance on the matter.

    Despite the diss, Gunna says his relationship with Young Thug’s YSL label hasn’t changed. “It’s the same,” he said. “It’s love, always. Our relationship is our relationship.” He also denied rumors of snitching after his release from jail and called on fans to attend court dates for himself and Young Thug.

    The rap community has been divided over the new development. Lil Baby, who had joined in on the drama by calling Gunna a rat during a show, reacted to the news with a cryptic comment, “IFKYK”—If You Know, You Know—on his Instagram amid criticism from Young Thug’s father. This response only continued to fan the flames of speculation and drama.

    On the other hand, Gunna keeps defending his actions and relationship with YSL. In an interview after his release, he said he never snitched on anyone and stated that he wouldn’t get close to the trial process. He replied to some comments from other rappers, among them Lil Durk and 21 Savage, saying his conscience was clear and he remained loyal to Young Thug.

    The relationship between Young Thug and Gunna has always been complicated. Their history dates as far back as 2015, when Gunna gained his first notable feature on Young Thug’s song “Floyd Mayweather.” For years, their apprenticeship was stressed with countless collaborations and some tensions. Even though there were occasional financial discrepancies and disagreements over song directions, the two were tight up until this year.

    Much of their beef has been magnified through social media. Things escalated just recently when Thug called Gunna a “rat.” But both artists have subtly thrown shots at one another on the ‘net, leaving fans on edge as to where they stand with each other.

    This drama occurs when Young Thug and Gunna are embroiled in messy legal situations. Young Thug is having a trial—well, sort of—as his team tries to get the judge kicked off for misconduct. On the other hand, Gunna has taken a plea in his RICO case against him, Young Thug, and other members of their Young Stoner Life collective. These ongoing legal battles mounting add another layer of tension to their already strained relationship.

    Right now, nobody knows how this is going to go down with Young Thug‘s children releasing a diss track into all this drama. With an emerging new generation tending to fight back for the legacy of their dad, as time will dictate, it’s at best going to bring clarity and, at worst, further obscure the already muddy waters.


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