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    Estimate Of $3 Billion For Cali Wildfire Clean Up

    Cali needs our help!

    One of the biggest stories since the summer is the wildfire taking place in California.

    Some of the biggest stars have lost their homes due to the environmental catastrophe that has spread to 19,000 homes and businesses. Some of the stars like Gerald Butler and Miley Cyrus are some of the names.

    The devastation has left chaos and some people with nowhere to go. At the moment, it’s an estimate that $3 billion will be needed to take care of the extensive damage.

    California Office Of Emergency Services Director confirms that clean-up with officially begin in January. The estimate for clean up will be one entire year.

    One of the main focuses at the moment is to remove and prevent any further disasters in the compromised environment. There is plenty to worry about, that at least 85 people have been killed, death tolls continues to spike. There are another 249 people that are not accounted for in the meantime.

    Early last month the famous West Family hired private firefighters to control and manage the flames. Kanye West opened up his wallet and provided a donation of $500,00 to the wildfire relief fund.

    Cali will need plenty of help and prayers to recover!!

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