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    WHIPPED CREAM Turned Heartbreak Into Art With “Bad For Me”

    Vancouver Island-based, WHIPPED CREAM aka Caroline Cecil, has spent her life fully immersed in music. Transcending multiple genres, her style can only really be described as ‘limitless’. Today she releases her new single “Bad For Me” via Big Beat Records. 

    Coming in heavy with rolling basslines, WHIPPED CREAM delivers drum breaks that are crisp and profound, while the vocal work harmonizes to balance the single’s progression from start to finish and gives the track her female touch.

    WHIPPED CREAM shares, “I turned my unanswered questions, my heartbreak, into art; and I continue to fuel everything I do by it. The idea for this song started over a year ago. I was in a weird place in life, I felt stuck emotionally to someone I was in love with. I knew it wasn’t healthy for either of us and everyone around us knew as well. I stayed for much longer than I should have out of fear. Until one day, I was done hurting and realized I was only holding on to feelings I once had and was strong enough to break free and find the love I needed within myself to walk away for good. This song represents my decision to put all of that unappreciated love for him into myself. I broke free. The moment the drop says ” BREAK” is my release.”

    Watch the mind-blowing visual above and in other music news:

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