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    What Has Reality TV Taught Us? A Look Into Joseline’s Cabaret Disaster

    In the year 2011 we were introduced to the phenomenon of Love & Hip-Hop. A reality show that was the first of its kind and certainly wouldn’t be the last. A deeper look behind the music showed another world that viewers couldn’t get enough of. In addition to the constant support of viewers, reality TV gave ordinary or unknown people a chance to become famous. This ideal of having more than fifteen minutes of fame for simply being a version of yourself, created a different type of reality the world has become accustomed to.

    Although other reality shows do exist, Love & Hip-Hop sparked a trend of a lifestyle everyone is now aspiring to obtain. Which leaves the question of what are reality shows teaching us that makes them feel so important to our lives? Perhaps witnessing a person’s rise to fame resonates with all of us in more ways than one. However, Joseline Hernandez’s journey is one story in particular that continues to be rewriting on and off the screen.

    Joseline Takes Reality TV in a Different Direction

    If you’ve never heard of Joseline Hernandez you probably don’t watch television or don’t have any social media. Since bursting on the screen in 2011 during season 1 of VH1’s Love & Hip-Hop, Joseline also known as the Puerto Rican Princess made claim on her fame. A vibrant, outspoken and powerful woman, she quickly became a fan favorite for the franchise.

    Unfortunately, her unpredictable behavior followed by disagreements with production lead to her leaving the show for good in 2017. With a massive following Joseline Hernandez took her talents elsewhere creating her own reality platform. Initially a show called Joseline Takes Miami was scheduled to premier on the WeTv network. Due to scheduling conflicts the show was pulled, leading Joseline to partner with The Shade Room on the Zeus Network. Joseline’s Cabaret aired in January 2021, giving viewers a chance to see another side of the Puerto Rican Princess. The show’s storyline revolves around Joseline recruiting women to be apart of her cabaret group.

    Joseline’s Cabaret Show

    The first season is set in Miami as Joseline’s explains her purpose of the show comparing it to doing “God’s work”. Joseline describes a cabaret as an experience, a way for women to stop stripping and perform a real show. Scouting out different strippers from the area she gathered a group to compete. Through an intense process of elimination, Joseline’s goal to establish a cabaret group while promoting sisterhood did not go as planned.

    Throughout the seasons constant arguing, consistent conflict and physical altercations became a theme. A show originally aimed at providing a better opportunity turned into something completely different. From the very first episode Joseline created a divide amongst the women selected. She chose a “bottom b*tch” every season, giving a potential leader role to compete for an addition to the cabaret. During the seasons constant physical and emotional abuse transpired. Joseline is even seen multiple times pushing, yelling and threatening the girls yet most of them seemed to tolerate it. With nearly three seasons complete, we have yet to see a successful cabaret group.

    The latest season being the most violent resulted in multiple lawsuits filed against Joseline and her boyfriend from cast members. Everyone involved in the show faced disrespect, with most of it coming from Joseline. Despite all the negativity surrounding the show it was renewed for another season.  What is it about Joseline’s show that keeps viewers wanting more? What is it about reality TV that keeps us addicted to watching it?

    The Obsession Behind Reality TV

    Joseline’s show is just another extension of an alternate world we’ve all become accustomed to. Our obsession with reality television stems from our desire to achieve things we only dream of. It’s easier to have a dream than it is to pursue one, and in reality TV every character achieves dreams and aspirations. However, the idea that humiliation and extreme sacrifice is required in order to reach success is the new American Dream, we are losing ourselves for.

    Since when did reality TV become our new way of life? Are we only valuable or purposeful through the validation of others? Do we see our normal life as meaningless unless we follow a reality protocol? Our viewpoints on happiness have become wrapped around this ideal of influential fame. Instead of using reality TV as a source of imagination, it’s become an impossible standard to not only obtain but keep.

    Is Reality TV The New Normal?

    Of course there is nothing wrong with achieving social media or reality TV status. Having the opportunity to be seen by millions for being yourself is appealing to most. But at what cost is this reality life really worth? Joseline’s show may be a lot of things but fake is not one of them.

    Aside from the glitz and glamour, reality television is a moment of truth and vulnerability. These depictions are reflections, different versions of ourselves that are so relatable and familiar. Perhaps it is the feeling of familiarity that keeps us addicted to reality television. Perhaps Joseline’s confidence and honesty is what earned her another season. Nonetheless, reality TV resonates with people on so many levels it’s nearly impossible not to become addicted.

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