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    Watch YBN Nahmir’s New Video – “2 Seater” ft. Offset & G-Eazy

    The 20-Year-Old Rapper Flexes on the Racetrack With Some Baddies and Bosses

    Consistently delivering for his legion of fans since bursting onto the scene, YBN Nahmir is only just getting started. Collecting his coupes for a stunt-filled joyride, Nahmir shares “2 Seater,” his new video. Directed by Arrad, “2 Seater” paints a cinematic picture of a day at the racetrack, as Nahmir and guests Offset and G-Eazy show what their foreign cars can do in an empty racetrack. Rocking designer and matching the color scheme of the cars, the three emcees make themselves at home in the track. Nahmir does donuts, G-Eazy flirts with fly mechanics in the engine room, and Offset plays the enthusiastic hypeman.

    “I love coupes and I feel like my boys do too,” says Nahmir. “I’ve always dreamed of driving a Saleen S7, and I was able to drive it last year. I’m actually working on a Mazda RX-7 FD right now. ”

    Produced by Go Grizzly, Smash David, and Hitmaka, the bass-heavy new single is a high-octane flexers anthem, as Nahmir, G-Eazy, and Offsetstring together lightning fast flows and internal rhymes around the track’s thumping bass and echoing 808s: “Smokin’ pre-rolled with a bad ho, drop that zero, fck with a hero/I’m on South beach on a jetski, btch tryna find me like Nemo,” spits Nahmir. Dropped earlier in March via Atlantic Records, the hot new single has over 2 million streams across platforms, and currently sits on Spotify’s Rap Caviar playlist.

    Stay tuned for much more from YBN Nahmir as 2020 moves along.

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