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    Usher Dodging Herpes Bullshit Story!! Fuck Off!!

    Usher has been one of the most decorated singers in the world of entertainment for well over two decades. Recently over the last two years, his reputation was tarnished over herpes accusations of spreading herpes. The singer is now fighting back to show it’s all a lie.

    At the moment it seems as though the tables have turned regarding Usher’s accuser. It is rumored that during a deposition the accuser failed to answer questions. Overall, Raymond‘s legal team requested that she hs sanction for the legal games she’s playing. Furthermore, she’s also claiming that the singer refused to meet with her for nearly 22 months. It seems like the heat of the battle is just now starting. Now Usher dodging herpes bullshit story is the main objective in the ongoing legal battle.

    Usher Dodging Herpes Bullshit

    The accuser wants to ensure that Usher is held liable for attorney fees. Recently within the last year, several people have claimed that they had sexual encounters with the entertainer. Overall they claim that since he did not share his condition that they were put in danger. His current accuser in question said that she and Raymond had sex in Koreatown Spa in Los Angeles.

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    In conclusion, Usher dodging herpes bullshit story a good move? Can the accuser really prove that Usher gave her herpes? Is this all a scam to get the money? Leave your comments below and stay tuned to

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