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    Trey Songz Arrested Amid Clowning On Social Media

    Is Trey Songz cancelled? TMZ reports, Trey turned himself in for allegedly assaulting what now appears to be at least two people. One of his victims was most likely an employee of the bowling alley, and she did receive medical attention! TMZ also reported that the woman was the first to notify the police, and Trey had initially denied the incident all together.

    Keke Palmer had rang “the alarm about Trey Songz awhile ago” when she appeared on the Breakfast Club in 2018!

    Trey might not be cancelled, but he is definitely being clowned! For his singing mostly but also for his recent arrest.

    There are even videos of what appears to be Trey offering Megan Thee Stallion more shots with an awfully heavy hand!

    Where Is Megan Thee Stallion Bodyguard Justin Edison?


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