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    The Problems Less Coronavirus Restrictions Will Cause


    The Beginning
    The impact of the coronavirus is being felt by everyone. Economies are suffering, people are losing jobs, hospitals are filling up, and the death toll continues to rise. In the midst of all this, it would be logical for everyone to isolate themselves to prevent the virus from spreading. However, in America, common sense seems scarce and regulations appear senseless. Recently, the president announced that states would start reopening at the end of the month. Despite the cabin fever, going outside after May 1st is not a wise decision for several reasons.

    Problems Less Coronavirus

    If everyone rushes outside on May 1st, it would create a major problem. The coronavirus can be carried by anyone, even if they show no symptoms. It can remain in the body for up to two weeks before symptoms appear. This means that many people could have the virus without even knowing it. If social distancing is abandoned and people gather in public, it would lead to more infections and a resurgence of the pandemic.

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