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    The Jack Moves Releases A Lovely Visualizer for their “Lionel Richie” Single

    New Jersey-based duo, The Jack Moves, discloses a danceable tune in the form of their recent single “Lionel Richie,” alongside a lovely visual.

    “Lionel Richie” displays the duo’s ability to blend breezy and romantic soul bangers rooted with a throbbing bassline, incorporated with an outstanding lyrical word flow over a luscious string and menacing drums. Bringing it together creates a dreamy, melodic, and stunning danceable soundscape.

    The Jack Moves is a fantastic duo that has been making waves in the music world, releasing dope tracks that have left a significant impression on their name, making them one of the best high-ranking funk music artists. Showing that they are not here just for the ride but plan on taking over with their captivating music.

    The cinematic-styled music video showcases authentic sweetness, romance, and kinship between friends and band members as they delve into character to deliver an important story.

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