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    Taylor Swift Majestic Coochie Is Now Sky High!!!

    Taylor Swift has become one of the most marketable artists of this era. Mega companies are throwing checkbooks at her to market there brand.

    It’s no secret that the country artist knows the business side of the music industry. She has performed on some of the biggest stages, and the paydays aren’t stopping any time soon. Now it seems that she is the highest paid celebrity from the previous year. A rough estimate reflects that she made $185 million. In other words, Taylor Swift majestic coochie is something that should be considered expensive.

    Taylor Swift Majestic Coochie

    Forbes released it’s annual Celebrity 100 earlier today. To no surprise, the country singer is at the top of the list. What’s more astounding is that the previous year she made $80 million. It seems that Swift will surely be in demand for a long time to come. However, this is the first time she made the top of the list. Back in 2016, Swift became the top earner at $170 million.

    She is now considered the Tour God, in our books. Her “Reputation Stadium Tour” is considered the highest grossing tour in the U.S. The tour raked in $266.1 million. In addition to the overseas stops, the total came to $345 million. Taylor is a cash cow and continues to change the landscape of music in just about every facet. At the moment she and Kim Kardashian still have bad blood with one another over Kanye. Hopefully, the two can squash the beef and make money together.

    In conclusion, who do you think hitting Taylor Swift majestic coochie? Who is she dating? Will she and Kim Kardashian ever really make up?

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