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    Soulja Boy Reportedly Ditches Rapping For Acting

    Everyone needs a change of pace in their lives at one point or another. Recently, Soulja Boy announced that he’s looking to make a major career change. Soluja Boy drops rapping and will go into acting. At 31 years old, Soulja Boy’s age has not diminished his youthful energy. Drako’s surprise announcement isn’t a shocker, considering that he often makes major career moves at the drop of a hat. The only question is, how long will his newfound acting career last?

    Soulja Boy Drops Rapping And Wants In On The Acting Game


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    Often times, music and acting work go hand and hand. While actors want to become musicians, singers yearn for the life of an actor. Recently, Drako made it known that he’s interested in the acting business. In a recent Instagram video, Soulja Boy revealed that he has a Tv Show in the works for the new year.

    “2022, my new TV show is coming out on January 21 on Revolt TV. Shout out to P. Diddy. Being Draco new TV show – January 21. 2022, we’re going into the year with all positive energy. I ain’t got no beef with nobody. I ain’t got no smoke, no problems, no nothing. All I’m doing is TV shows and movies. I’m an actor now,” Drako said in the video clip.

    If P. Diddy has involvement with Drako’s new TV show, it’s sure to become an instant success.

    His Previous Attempts At Acting

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    Previously, Drako tried his hand at acting. Back in 2009, he created an animated series about his life that never saw the light of day. He tried again in 2010, but this time, Drako struck gold. By the following year, Soulja Boy released his own film documentary Soulja Boy: The Movie and it went straight to DVD. Then in 2013, the rapper guest-starred in the film Officer Down. Clearly, Drako has dipped a toe into the world of acting. Though will he truly be done with rapping?

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