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    Snowzay On New EP ‘Monique’s Child’ Sound Aesthetic

    Emerging artist Snowzay is using his gifts to express his emotions over wax. The artist’s sound aesthetic takes us on a journey through his pain, his approach to love and getting to the bag. In the new Snowzay EP, Monique’s Child you will find a variety of sounds that makes you hungry for the next track. For example; the song “Avalanche”, offers us an inviting vibe before the beat drops. The artist throws us an adlib, then the beat drops. If you need motivation for getting to the bag, turn this up on your radio on your way to work.

    Who is Snowzay?

    The emerging artist hails from Delaware County. Snowzay doesn’t mind spilling his true feelings in the booth. The artist conveys his pain through the track, “Pain” after losing his mother to breast cancer last year. If you pay attention to the track, you can actually feel the artist’s expression. Skipping a track serves no purpose when tuning in to Monique’s Child. “Loner” brings us in on a soft note, then the momentum progresses as he commences to bragging on his dread locks.

    “She like the way my dreads hang”

    The EP offers many more dope tracks like “Gone”, where he pours his heart to a woman he once hurt, according to United Masters. The upbeat tempo brings us to a point where we’ve all been as the lyrics suspend us to a place of commonality. “See Through”, the first track on the EP opens the album with a woman speaking in the intro. She explains how much she’s been through and professes about how she’s finally made it. The intro reflects the artist’s message to his listeners of how he’s overcome so many obstacles and trial. However, he’s stilling hanging on. This EP is an announcement of independence, letting the world get into his mind over 12 tracks.

    Follow the artist on Twitter and Instagram.

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