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    Singer/Songwriter Saneit Returns With New Single “Nothing Like Them”

    Emerging R&B singer and songwriter Saneit recently released a sexy single titled “Nothing Like Them.” Which fully displays her unique artistic style as she delivers an atmospheric sound with an ear-pleasing tune.

    “Nothing Like Them” is a song that delivers a pleasantly dreamlike soft tone in the fascinating piece that progressively evolves and intensifies with each verse.

    Saneit has always been persisting in being heard in an industry built for boys gathering hits and very positive reviews, consistently focusing on improving her craft beyond challenging moments. Saneit maintains herself with calm confidence and an uncultivated rhythm that melds well with her superior artistic dexterity.

    Stream “Nothing Like Them” on Spotify

    Connect with Saneit: TikTok | Twitter | Instagram 


    1. Congratulations from your friend from school N’Dia King I’m always and will be proud of you and your success love you honey I and pray for more to come for you!🥰😘🙏

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