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    see.francis Releases New Single “Assata’s Song (Is It A Crime)”

    A man of few spoken words best known for painting pictures with his pen, New Jersey native see.francis officially releases his highly anticipated single “Assata’s Song (Is It A Crime).”

    “I read Assata and found so many similarities in our lives, from ways of thinking, views on things, to sharing being arrested on the same highway by the same precinct and spending time in the same jail.”

    – see.francis

    Upon reading Assata Shakur’s autobiography, see.francis discovered so many similarities between his life experiences and Assata’s. During the summer of 2022, he became inspired to create something special to honor Assata’s legacy through his music. That record came to be on August 21st, “Assata’s Song”, a play on Common’s A Song for Assata, quickly became an instant fan favorite from the minute the snippet was released on social media. The smooth production, the nod to Sade in the hook, the double entendres, the cadence and rhythmic flow melt beautifully together perfectly. see.francis paints a vibey, melodic picture of a man wanting more in life while realizing circumstances can force him to make decisions he wouldn’t normally make. Is that a crime?

    “I found a bond in her doing what she needed to do to survive and sitting with the thought that if the only other option is me not making it, what wouldn’t I be willing to do and if that’s a crime…to whom exactly is it a crime to?” – see.francis

    The recording artist has no plans to stop anytime soon. His words have been scratched in ink in the background of the abstract painting like the tattoos he has all over his body, solidifying his presence and permanent spot in the music world. see.francis leaves his art and work open to interpretation while his lyrics and words are clearly written, he’s up next. Buckle up and enjoy the ride.


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